Mother Kills 5 Children and Herself Because of Uganda’s President Museveni

It is believed that lives have been lost due to the fact that Museveni remains in power as president as these people are not capable to endure the hardships accompanied by his leadership.

A woman from Malaba in the eastern border town of Uganda poisoned the family’s evening meal to deliberately kill herself and her 5 children and this happened just as she expected.

Police found a note that translates into English as: “I’m tired of this country. I can’t continue to be ruled by Museveni. I better go to hell with my children. We are taking lead and we wish you all the best as you continue to live under his government. Blame him for our deaths.” – she wrote.

The name of the 49-year-old woman was only given as Pamela.

According to neighbours, Pamela is an active member of the ruling NRM party and has left them with shock as to how members of the party could kill themselves due to bad governance.

An autopsy conducted confirmed they died of food poisoning.

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