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Usain Bolt Suspended From Olympics After Testing Positive For Drugs

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt has been suspended till further notice by the International Olympics Committee after testing positive for series of drugs examinations.

This test became necessary after Justin Gatlin of USA who won the silver with 9.89 seconds raised concerns and protested that the world’s best sprinter must be tested for drugs.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt had a slow start but a marvellous finish to create a record nobody is sure would be surpassed or even matched any time in this generation ànd some say in this life time.

With 9.81 seconds he won the 100m gold medal at the Rio Olympics. It was his third consecutive 100m gold, having won in Beijing in 2008 , London in 2012 and now in Rio 2016. Nobody in history has ever done so. The big man of track and field did in Rio what will be talked about for ages. He thrilled the crowd with his strides and their ovation was tremendous.

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