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South African Restaurant Accused of Selling Human Meat Finally Speaks

In the month of February,  a publication about a restaurant in South Africa selling human parts to its customers went viral on social media.

The restaurant, Rose Kitchen has today addressed the said issue that has gone viral on social media for months now.

Speaking to the General Manager, Madam Abigail Kwanamu, she said the report of her outfit selling human parts to its customers was hoax by a satirical blog.

‘’It would have been inhuman to sell human parts to my customers. That story has no grounds and checks on that website indicates it’s a hoax and just a satirical piece”.

Asked how business has been so far after the hoax report, she insisted that it has not affected their daily sales though customers looks vigilant when being served.

When visited the restaurant, business activities were normal and customers were busily buying as if they did not hear of such news.

“We don’t care. What matters us is that its cooked. Whether human or no human, we will eat. Cut your hand and cook for me, I will eat” – A customer told our team.

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